Hack Router Passwords Using Brute Force Attack

Follow the following steps to hack or crack router password using brute force attack…

Step 1: First download Brute Force software and run the file BrutusA2 to see,

 Hack Crack Router Password

Step 2 : Now configure Brutus, Put the target as the router’s IP address.Put in the userlist and the passlist.After everything is OK,press on START.

 Hack Crack Router Password

As you can see from the picture above,Brutus is cracking the router.

Note : In order to make the success rate higher,you will need a strong pass list…

Download password list1

Download password list2

Step 3: Wait for Brutus to finish cracking the router.You will get this result.

 Hack Crack Router Password

You can see that i have get my username and password for the router.

Step 4: Now go to the page and type in the username and password.

 Hack Crack Router Password

Step 5: Press OK and you will be the in router.

 Hack Crack Router Password

You are in the router,you can do whatever you want from here…

Update : If you want to hack facebook and other email account passwords, please use the best Hacking Software- Winspy Keylogger which is FUD (Fully UnDetectable). This is personally recommeded keylogger from wildhacker.

I hope you like this tutorial . If you have any doubts please be free to comment

Enjoy Hacking…


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