Samsung Galaxy Note II Lock Screen Bypass

If you’re an iOS user then it’s a high probability that you’ve heard about the security flaws found in iPhone recently. If you haven’t then you can read about it here.

This time it’s Android which is in the buzz these days. Specifically, it’s the creative phablet Samsung Galaxy Note II which is in the news. A Youtuber named Terence Eden recently uploaded a video on Youtube demonstrating the security flaw in the Samsung Galaxy Note II. The vulnerability shows how a user can bypass the lock screen and access the apps or calls from the home screen of Android OS. This vulnerability was demonstrated on a Note II running on Android 4.1.2 stock OS. Though, a user can only access the homescreen for a second or two but that timespan is enough to make a call or open any app on the homescreen if you’re quick enough.

As a (proud) owner of Galaxy Note II, I gave it a try and found out that the demonstrated procedure actually works just fine. Not a good news for Note II users. You can watch the video uploaded by Terence Eden below:

Galaxy Note 2 Lock Screen Bypass Vulnerability

I wonder if it’s just Galaxy Note II which is having this vulnerability or maybe it’s the same for Galaxy lineup running Android 4.1.2 such as a Samsung Galaxy S3. Well, my colleague has a Galaxy S3 so I reckon that it’s time to test it out on an S3 as well. I’ll update this post after checking that on a Galaxy S3 soon. Till then, happy hacking! icon smile Samsung Galaxy Note II Lock Screen Bypass Vulnerability

[UPDATE] I just tested this on a Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android 4.1.2 and looks like it’s vulnerable to this security flaw too.


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