Twitter finally introduces Two-step authentication to prevent account hacks

Here we go, Twitter finally introduced the most anticipated security feature “Two-Step authentication” that prevents hackers getting access to your twitter accounts.

The recent cyberattacks from Syrian Electronic army(SEA) forced the twitter to enable the 2-step verification feature.

The SEA is the syrian hacker group who recently hijacked the high profile twitter accounts including accounts of Guardian , Telegraph, FT, AP and more via Social engineering attack(Phishing).
What is exactly 2-step Authentication?
Though i have already explained about this in my previous articles, i would like to explain one more time in this article.

“2-step authentication is a security feature that prompts you to enter a temporary password sent to your phone whenever you log into your account.”

So how to enable this security feature?

  • Go to page
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page , there you can find the “Account security” option.
  • Select the option and follow the instructions

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